Corporate Profile

Saras is a leader operator in the refining sector in Europe  

Its main assets/activities are:

  • One of the biggest  high complexity refinery in the Mediterranean Sea
    • 300,000 barrels per day of refining capacity (about 15% of Italy's total refining capacity);
    • More than 80% of production is of medium and light distillates with low environmental impact (mainly diesel and gasoline);
    • Integration with petrochemical and electricity production.
  • IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle): largest liquid fuel gasification plant in the world that converts heavy refining residues into clean gas, with limited environmental impact, which is subsequently used in power generation
    • 575 MW of installed power;
    • Three independent trains for gasification and production;
    • Electricity production in excess of 4 terawatt-hours per year.
  • Marketing activities in Italy and Spain
    • Wholesale sales of oil products with high added value and low environmental impact, such as low sulphur gasoil and gasoline;
    • Two storage facilities for distribution of products at Arcola (Italy) and Cartagena (Spain);
    • Retail business mainly located in the South of Spain through 114 retail stations;
    • Biodiesel production plant in Cartagena, Spain, with capacity of 200,000 tons per year.
  • Generation of electricity from renewable sources
    • Wind farm with capacity of 96 MW in Ulassai (Sardinia).
  • Presence in industrial engineering services for the oil sector.






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The Saras Group operates in the energy sector and is one of the leading independent oil refiners in Europe. With a production capacity of 15 million tons per year (or 300,000 barrels per day), the Saras refinery situated in Sarroch, on the South-Western coast of Sardinia, accounts for about 15% of Italy's total refining capacity. It is also one of the biggest and most complex sites in the Mediterranean area, and it enjoys a strategic location at the heart of the main oil routes. Moreover, Saras refinery is regarded as a model of efficiency and environmental sustainability, thanks to a wealth of know-how, technology and human resources accrued in almost 50 years of business.

Both directly and through its subsidiaries Arcola Petrolifera S.r.l. and Deposito di Arcola S.r.l. in Italy, and Saras Energia S.A. in Spain, the Saras Group sells and distributes oil products including diesel, gasoline, heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), virgin naphtha and aviation fuel on the Italian, European and international markets. In particular, in 2012 approximately 2.2 million tons of oil products were sold in Italy, through our subsidiary Arcola Petrolifera, which operates exclusively in the wholesale market. Arcola Petrolifera relies on several logistic basis spread all over Italy, and it also uses a storage deposit with a capacity of 200,000 cubic metres of petroleum products, owned by the Group, managed by the subsidiary Deposito di Arcola S.r.l. and located in Arcola (La Spezia). A further 1.6 million tons of oil products were sold in the Spanish market through Saras Energia, which is active both in the wholesale and in the retail market. More in details, Saras Energia manages an oil products storage deposit with a capacity of 114,000 cubic metres, owned by the Group and located in Cartagena (Spain). It also uses other storage deposits owned by other major logistic operators (CLH, Decal, Tepsa, etc.), located all over the Spanish territory. Saras Energia also manages a retail network made by 114 service stations, mainly positioned along the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, and a biodiesel plant in Cartagena, with a capacity of 200,000 tons per year.

During the past decade, the Saras Group expanded from oil refining and marketing, also into the power generation sector. More specifically, the subsidiary Sarlux S.r.l. produces electricity with an IGCC plant (Integrated Gasification plant with Combined Cycle power generation turbines), with a total installed capacity of 575MW. The feedstock used by the IGCC plant is the heavy residue of the refinery, and the plant generates over 4 billion kWh of electricity each year, which corresponds to more than 30% of the electricity requirements in Sardinia.

Moreover, still in the island of Sardinia, the Group is also involved in the production of electricity from renewable sources, through a wind park situated in Ulassai, with an installed capacity of 96MW, managed by the subsidiary Sardeolica S.r.l.. Saras Group provides also industrial engineering and scientific research services to the oil, energy and environment industry via its subsidiary Sartec S.p.A.. Lastly, in July 2011, Saras S.p.A. created the company Sargas S.r.l., which operates in the sector of gas, hydrocarbons, through activities such as exploration and development, as well as the transport, storage, purchase and sale of gaseous hydrocarbons.


Last Update: 07/06/2013

Saras is member of "Unione Petrolifera"