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EMC Benchmark Margin

2013: -1.2 ($/bl) 
Q1/14: -1.9 ($/bl) 
Q2/14: -1.5 ($/bl)   
Q3/14: 0.3 ($/bl)    
Oct 14: 0.7 ($/bl)    
Nov 14: 1.2 ($/bl)    
Dec 14: 0.8 ($/bl)
Q4/14: 0.9 ($/bl)
2014: -0.5 ($/bl)    

Jan 15: 3.1 ($/bl)
Feb 15: 3.8 ($/bl)


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Sarroch refinery is one of the largest and more complex refineries in Europe. Go through this video to discover the main features of the industrial site.


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